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Industrial Design

Our team develops and designs innovative and functional industrial design products to suit your business. We carry out the complete process from product modelling, stress and material studies, always working with the best parametric CAD programms.

web development

Web Design

At Luca Design, we have a design team that is passionate about creating modern, responsive and innovative websites.  We will design your website taking into account the needs of your business to solve them and achieve an optimal result. We are your web design agency in Mallorca.



Our design team carries out the modeling of products, buildings, single-family houses or urban environments using computer design programs. We render your projects providing high realism and we pay particular attention to the detail in order to achieve a photorealistic image of the project.

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Our projects


Caledonian Plywood is a sustainable plywood company based in Mallorca and Valencia. A modern web design has been developed with the goal of reflecting the values of the company and providing it with a minimalist and elegant aesthetic.

Caledonian Plywood


Planas Salud is an esthetic medicine clinic located in Mallorca. A website design has been done with the aim of obtaining a minimalist and modern website, in line with the values of the brand.


Rotuldecor is a leading company in the signage sector in Palma de Mallorca. The web design has been made with the aim of providing a modern and serious image, taking special interest in achieving a minimalist and attractive design that reflects the values of the brand.


Kuult Studio is a digital marketing agency based in Mallorca. In order to provide it a better online presence, we developed a website with a minimalist and modern design, in line with the brand’s values.


Control Domus is a company dedicated to providing integral solutions in the field of home automation and electrical installations. The website has been designed by our web design agency in Mallorca, with the aim of renewing its identity towards a more updated and technological website.

Restaurante CN
Can Picafort

Restaurant Club Náutico Can Picafort. Design of a website with the function of being an online menu.


FJC is a company dedicated to construction and refurbishment of homes and buildings in Mallorca. The website has been developed with a new fresh, eye-catching and modern style.

Well Be

Well Be Nutrición is a company managed by Antonella and focuses on helping her patients achieve healthy eating, nutrition and nutritional coaching. The website has been developed to bring a young, natural and attractive appearance.


Render Luca Design Pagina Web Mallorca
Renders Luca Design Pagina Web Mallorca
Rendering Luca Design Pagina Web Mallorca

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